So, my little Jasper is now not far off being 3 (3 in February) and he is not a big fan of the whole potty training. We have potty’s all over the house and as I like to try and approach everything with a suitable head I’ve tried most things. So, I started with leaving it everywhere (yes, everyone who comes round will tell you there is a potty all over the house). Secondly, praise – lots of it. Including clapping and cheering myself for doing a wee on the toilet (I loved this bit). Lastly, I’ve tried rewards, bribary and even getting a bit stern, but alas, my little boy will not put his bum on a toilet or potty.

Since starting, we have had some wee wees and poo poos on the toilet – but it is completely at his choice. I’ve got books and watched youtube (yes, very sad I know) and now what do I do! He is a very intelligent little boy and doing very well for his age – but seems to be choosing to go to the toilet when he wishes (yes, we have had nappy free days, resulting in him holding everything all day!)

So, apart from reside the fact he will be 18 one day with a nappy on, I guess it’s a bit of wait and see….wish me luck!

Okay, so this weekend wasn’t a particularly great one. After an awful day at work on the Friday, and being exhausted, the weekend started off at 4am on Saturday morning and never really got any better. People forget that mums and dads that work full time literally survive off no rest, no sleep and no ‘down time.’ After 45+hrs at work, 15+hrs of driving, and unbroken sleep for the last 2+ years – weekends are not a welcomed time. Exhaustion, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, changing the beds all take place oh as well as trying to act like a normal, happy and enjoyable family.

This weekend has been hell – with J waking up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday and no – not going back to sleep. Both days held tantrum after tantrum, tears, screaming and of course, all the normal weekend chores and duties; and guess what – we now get to go back to work for another 45+hr week, 15+hrs of driving and MORE TEARS! Yeah! Sometimes I can’t actually believe how lucky I am (note the ridiculous sarcastic tone here) to be a working mum. Have I had enough? Yes.

To top it all off, J now has an obsession with weeing…on my foot. No, really, nothing else makes me happier to be wee’d on after the week’s ive been having, thank you – the ultimate way to say you love someone is obviously to wee on them.

Anyone else had enough?!

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