So, my little Jasper is now not far off being 3 (3 in February) and he is not a big fan of the whole potty training. We have potty’s all over the house and as I like to try and approach everything with a suitable head I’ve tried most things. So, I started with leaving it everywhere (yes, everyone who comes round will tell you there is a potty all over the house). Secondly, praise – lots of it. Including clapping and cheering myself for doing a wee on the toilet (I loved this bit). Lastly, I’ve tried rewards, bribary and even getting a bit stern, but alas, my little boy will not put his bum on a toilet or potty.

Since starting, we have had some wee wees and poo poos on the toilet – but it is completely at his choice. I’ve got books and watched youtube (yes, very sad I know) and now what do I do! He is a very intelligent little boy and doing very well for his age – but seems to be choosing to go to the toilet when he wishes (yes, we have had nappy free days, resulting in him holding everything all day!)

So, apart from reside the fact he will be 18 one day with a nappy on, I guess it’s a bit of wait and see….wish me luck!

Toddler BikeSo, I am freaking out a little bit as I have just realised (yes, blonde I know) that Christmas is like not that far away – a matter of months away – how did it sneak up on me this year?! Also, what the hell do I buy everyone?

So Jasper is 2.5 years, and at Christmas will be only 2 months away from being 3 (cue the uncontrollable crying) and I was thinking about buying him a Bike. Too early? No idea what age you are okay to buy a child a bike, mainly because when he was born, someone forgot to include the ‘Complete Manual to Looking After Baby,’ and therefore a mixture of muddling along, guess work and checking what everyone else is doing is how I have survived his growing up!

So, a Bike. He likes biking and goes on the back of Daddy’s bike with his super cool helmet on, but the fact of letting him loose on a ‘normal’ bike freaks me a bit. Mainly because I am a complete control freak, and Toddler Bikerubbish at remembering my child must grow up and develop each year.

So, Bike? No Bike? Help please….other mothers needed in this decision and if it is a yes – what size, style? One with wheels and handle bars, yes I know, but is there like a Toddler Bike?! (God, I need a lesson in Bikes for Toddlers).

Ta! x



Okay, so having a little boy is totally cool – mainly because we get to hang out and do ‘boy’ things like get messy, but also the clothes. It is really hard finding cool boys clothes, and whilst I am not a very cool mother, I like to try and dress him in young, funky clothes so at least one of us is trendy.

This is where my little love affair of NEXT started. Since Jazzy was a baby, he has worn NEXT clothes. They wash up really well, and the staff are always so lovely, its very easy to go back for more (another issue I seem to have with Majestic Wine) and lately NEXT have really got it spot on trend with their boys clothes.

Some of my favourite pieces for Jazzy are:-

In Third Place – The GENIUS all-in-one Onsie (£20)

Genius Next OnesieTotally gorgeous, soft and worn all the time. Its perfect for that Sunday morning chill out, covers the knees and also can be used as a little going out outfit with hi-top trainers. Love this outfit on him and I know it washes beautifully, as it has (many, many times) been in the wash. Ketchup also came out perfectly off the ‘G’ so for £20 a perfect all rounder here!

In Second Place -  The Cable ‘Mock’ Shirt (£17)

Next Cable Shirt TopThis beautiful little set is a jumper and a shirt all in one, taking the need to attempt to get two pieces of clothing over my 2 year old’s head, allot easier and calmer not only for Jazzy but for mummy as well. It looks mega smart, washes beautifully AND requires no ironing (bonus I know).

Next Car ShoesIn First Place - The Cars Lace Up Shoes (£12)

Yes, my Jazzy is obsessed with cars, buses and anything with wheels and not only adores these shoes but will let me actually put them on him without trying to escape, call ‘kidnap’ or run away and hide his feet under his bottom. These beautiful, bright and really modern little shoes are really soft and…yes, have been through the washing machine and are still as bright as ever. Gorgeous and easy to put on, really nice pattern and look smart with any outfit. Love these little shoes, they totally rock.

So, stuck for something to wear? Head over to NEXT and take a look at their beautiful little boy’s collection and if you feel the need to, yes, add in a pair of shoes for you!

Butlins LogoSo, the time is approaching when myself and my hubby along with little J have a week together (yes, this is rare and only happens if we are lucky, once a year). So the huge question is, where do we go? We both wanted to go abroad this year, but as we are now applying for our first mortgage (very scary) we are saving the pennies so are going to try somewhere closer to home. We have looked at Butlins, Pontins and all the other ‘Inns’ and they all seem similar – so which one do you go for? I love Centre Parcs but do not like the fact at about 5:30pm every evening, the whole place goes quiet – no evening entertainment! Now, don’t get me wrong, by 5:30pm I am centre.parcs_.logo_exhausted but I want some fun!

I remember (back in the day…..not that many years ago) of playing games, hearing songs and entertainment in the evening, collecting random items of strangers, running to the stage and then winning a prize! Where can I take J for his first proper disco and let him run around having some fun before crashing? Well, I am still on the search, but why cant it just be simple? With all offering great experiences, everything for every age – what about a simple ‘Yes, come here, you will love it,’ would actually be really appreciated now. So, I am asking you – where do I go? J is only 2 1/2 so log flumes and kids club are not important, but good fun and stuff for us all to take part in are! So, this is your mission if you choose to accept it – there is no coming back and you may, just may, be injured in the process. You’re mission is to give me your recommendation.

This message will self destruct in 5,4,3,2,1……

CalpolSo, today I am at home with a poorly little muffin, up all night, temperature and then comes the throwing up. Not just a little either, the whole gagging, water everywhere, liquid gunk everywhere and the need to change not only him but the sheets and bed covers too. So, then, out of the sparkles in the sky, comes the magical drug that is…Calpol. This god given bright purple liquid is able to change a child on their last legs into a hyper active little dancing machine in about 20 minutes.

If you have not heard of Calpol it is the only item you may need for the whole of the baby, toddler and child life – a simple application can in fact cure just about anything and make you question why you then did not pack the child off to nursery. However, as you know what is coming next – what must go up, must come down; and come down they do! Crashing back to earth with the crying, the laying on the floor, projectile vomiting and begging for more ‘Calpol mummy.’ This addiction has already begun and I am ashamed to say my sons relationship with Calpol well and truly cemented.

So yes, I am holding my hands up, my son….is a Calpol-o-holic and as a mother, yes, I feed his addiction when ill & watch the magic happen. God bless you Calpol, allowing me a cup of tea, cuddle and maybe even some sleep since 2011.

Okay, so this weekend wasn’t a particularly great one. After an awful day at work on the Friday, and being exhausted, the weekend started off at 4am on Saturday morning and never really got any better. People forget that mums and dads that work full time literally survive off no rest, no sleep and no ‘down time.’ After 45+hrs at work, 15+hrs of driving, and unbroken sleep for the last 2+ years – weekends are not a welcomed time. Exhaustion, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, changing the beds all take place oh as well as trying to act like a normal, happy and enjoyable family.

This weekend has been hell – with J waking up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday and no – not going back to sleep. Both days held tantrum after tantrum, tears, screaming and of course, all the normal weekend chores and duties; and guess what – we now get to go back to work for another 45+hr week, 15+hrs of driving and MORE TEARS! Yeah! Sometimes I can’t actually believe how lucky I am (note the ridiculous sarcastic tone here) to be a working mum. Have I had enough? Yes.

To top it all off, J now has an obsession with weeing…on my foot. No, really, nothing else makes me happier to be wee’d on after the week’s ive been having, thank you – the ultimate way to say you love someone is obviously to wee on them.

Anyone else had enough?!

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