So, as many of you remember, my fear of the dentist is quite huge. However, since I last posted I have an an extraction AND a bone graft done in my mouth. I know, I can hardly believe it either and both I completed when I was awake and alive and everything.

The bone graft is in preparation for an implant and now I have had a broken tooth extracted, I can now have a double implant the other side. Yes, I am brave. I feel like I need a cape, a hat, a brass band and generally a massive pat on the back for not being a complete wossy-pants and finally getting my teeth sorted.

However, this has now lead me on to believe I can achieve anything. Even things I am really scared of and terrified of. So, nothing is going to beat me anymore. I have managed to have things done in my mouth this time last year you would never have been even able to talk to me about. I honestly feel like i have changed, conquered a fear and become stronger (yes, okay I am exaggerating a bit) but is there anything you have conquered and feel like a god?

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Everyone that knows me will know that with a passion, I hate teeth. I hate everything about teeth and since about 22 have been terrified of the dentist. I used to like the dentist, then my lovely dentist retired and was replaced with a psycho-crazy Irish woman who basically tried to kill me with a drill. Since then, the visits to the dentist (a new one I may add) have resulted in me rejecting sedation (Yes, I actually tried to attack the dentist), crying, vomiting, hiding in the toilet and basically being terrified of anyone touching my mouth.

So, you can imagine, to my delight, that now I am planning my first implant, I have to have a bone graft on my jaw first. Yes, a bone graft. I am more than scared and have asked the Doctor for a large prescription of Valium (I asked if they could just knock me out…the answer was no). This happens on the 6th December, so I will of course report back (if I survive, I may not mind you) and hopefully I can begin the journey of my first implant.

Why are dentists so god damn scary? Why can I not be brave again? Any voodoo magic, luck, drugs, prayers anyone wants to send my way would be most appreciated for the 6th.

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So, I am not a fan of the dentist (anyone who knows me knows the extent of this) and usually have an upset tummy for the entire week before hand knowing I am going to be seen by someone who will touch my teeth. Problem is, I have not great teeth and need them seen to. So today, I had a visit to the dentist (yeah!). I sat in the waiting room, nervously planning my will, and texting the hubby with my last requests, and I was called in. A big fat needle in the mouth and 15 minutes in the waiting room (yes, mascara covering my face, shaking and generally wanting to poo my pants) and then I had to have two fillings with NO sedation.
After 45, yes 45 minutes, a lot of explaining and drilling (why does it have to make that god awful noise) the fillings were complete, I had survived and I actually felt nothing. After being through a really bad child birth you think I would be okay, but no, I am still scared of the dentist. Bad news is – I have to go in two weeks for another filling. And then have to see the Hygiene person. Why God is obviously punishing me I have no idea, but it was nice knowing you all.

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