BruDUb2CIAE9U8BI live in a little village in Ipswich in Suffolk, so not quite ‘Essex’ but love anything bling related, sparkly and oh of course PINK. So I was searching twitter when I came across @chlocreationsuk – queen of everything sparkly. After having a look through everything she is able to ‘bling’ up I fell in love with a pair of coral flip flops and begged her to turn them from geek to chic and of course, Miss Chloe delivered. With excellent customer service, easy payment and quick completion and delivery, the flip flop sandals arrived and here is the finished article.

Yes I know they are gorgeous and were (with p&p included) under £25 which is very reasonable. Most bling sandals in the shops start at £30 and everyone owns them, so I love the fact these are mind and made for me, so the chances of me seeing an exact copy are a little bit rare.

So, I am ready to hit Colchester, or anywhere else, Essex Style, blinged up and loving it. Just so happens I have the bleach blonde highlights, pink lipstick and white jeans to go with them (he he he).

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With the impending arrival of my step son from the USA, you could say I am struggling just a little bit to come to terms with everything. With various issues happening with my work (not that I can mention at the moment) and the lack of funds coming in, plus the arrival of another person in the house…and a 6 week old baby, you could say that the need to be called ‘manic mummy’ has never been more true than this point right now.

Do you ever get the feeling that when you put the washing away in the cupboard, you could just hide in the cupboard too? Shut the door and just sit and cry for an hour to just feel that release? Whilst I love my family and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. it is also hard, very hard. Hard to keep going and hard to always be the strong one. Hard to explain to someone else that your smile is stuck on and actually underneath you are held together with sticky tape and a bit of love.

I’m glad the summer is here and I can try and get outside a bit more, but also scared that I have taken so much on I just am willing it all to fail so I can just crumble and give up. I guess the sun makes everything a bit better, I wish it would help me more and just melt everything I am worried about away.

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Lilly and Sid LogoI have been a very lucky girl and was sent a stunning top for my gorgeous little Jazzy Bum by Lilly and Sid. I will be honest, I have chatted and looked at the items from Lilly & Sid on Twitter but never had a full browse of their website. Being in the Marketing Area, I can honestly say I am a bit of a stickler for websites and their appearance and I have fallen in love with the spotty trees and easy lay out of their site. Simple to use, easy to navigate, a great prompt to sign up to receive newsletters & short and compact descriptions. So, overall a great start!

After opening the package, I was presented with a lovely navy blue and white striped nautical style top. Long sleeved and so soft. Beautifully made (yes, I am that OCD I check stitching) and again, the branding carried through on the compliment slip and the labels. I am particular about my choice of clothes, tending to stick for Next, Gap and branded names, and I can say Lilly & Sid will now be a regular. He immediately loved his ‘present’ and wore it with his PJS…however, I managed to get it back off him for wearing with turned up ripped jeans the next day & his converse to go to Nanny’s house.

Lilly and Sid Blue Nautical Top

The top has now gone through the wash, and after a quick dry and iron, is ready for wearing another hundred times! The little pocket at the top is particularly cute, with Jasper filling it first with sweeties, and then a toy car…I imagine this is going to be his favourite bit!

I was sent this top to review, and can say I am very impressed by the quality. On sale currently for £20, and a generous size 5 (yes, Jasper is 3 but a tall boy!) I think the stitching, colour, make and general washing ability is very high. The team at Lilly & Sid are polite, easy to contact and from their website you can see take their customers (and by that I mean the lovely children) very seriously with a beautiful site that is fun and very relevant.

You can find out more about Lilly & Sid here:-

You can find the gorgeous Nautical Top here:-

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