So, I am actually writing this from home holding my beautiful little Fleur at 2 weeks old….rather than a newborn on her due date! I did know she would be eager to get here to meet us all!

Dear Baby Girl,

Processed with MoldivThis hasn’t been an easy ride for mummy, and whilst I love you very very much, I am glad you are here (hopefully safe and well) and no longer in mummy! After suffering from morning (afternoon and evening) sickness from 2 weeks pretty much until you popped out, you also decided that gestational diabetes was going to be added to the mix. That, along with growing to be a big, strong girl inside me (and showing way off the charts) you thought that by adding swelling to my legs, ankles, legs and hips, SPD, headaches, pre-eclampsia scares and protein in my urine every single urine test, I was beginning to get a bit worried. Add Ketones, Electrolytes, reduced movement, contractions from 34 weeks and needing steriods you certainly had me wondering what I was doing wrong to not be 100% healthy. The good thing was, that even though mummy was falling apart, you seemed quite content.

Processed with MoldivSleeping through all the hook ups to the contraction machines, all the scans and growth scans as well as all the internal examinations. I do know one thing though, I would do it all again to have you here, and love you so much and always will. However, can you please maybe be a good girl for mummy as I need lots of cuddles with you (and a few hundred kisses) to help me forget the pain and fall in love with you even more.

I still cannot believe that after looking at your two scans you are actually a little person, sitting here in my arms, singing away whilst I type this. I am totally in love and think you will always be the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Lots of Love, Mummy xxx

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So, I am now approaching 27 weeks pregnant and just been diagnosed with SPD in Pregnancy (sounds dodgy, more info can be found here via the NHS) Basically, it means I am walking like a very old woman who has been kicked in-between her legs (classy right!) So, the normal things are now appearing quite difficult to do – i.e. go for a wee wee and not sit down without moaning, or stand up without wincing. Anyway, I inform you of my impending doom because something so funny happened in Asda today.

Yes, I was wandering down the isles, searching for the shopping and all of a sudden I could feel my hips start to go. Grabbing onto the trolley, a little old man asked if I was okay (cue the ahhh). I replied ‘yes thank you, just a rough night.’ Now the little old man gave me a very disgusted look and walked off. Had I just told the old man I had a ‘kinky’ night without knowing? I should have explained I was pregnant and stuggling to walk? Oh well, some little old man now thinks I am a fifthy lady wandering the isles of Asda with a limp after a night of hot passion (if only that were the case!).

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone.


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