Sometimes life can be a bit mad at times, and even as a social media lover and user, I really learn’t how vulnerable you can be online and how people can cause actual damage to you, your life and your ‘world’ just by sticking their neck in and basically, having a fiddle and stepping back. Social media has changed so much in the last 4-5 years and even I need to remember that we are all strangers and even though we have a common theme, it needs to be respected at arms length. Such a shame isnt it, maybe it is time to go back to the old letter and pen, or maybe we should all be a bit better about talking in real life, face to face and not online?

So, how long have you been a social media user and do you find yourself forgetting you are actually in an open public space?

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Digital Marketing via Social MediaSo, as many of you will know I work in the Marketing Field, specialising in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, and love my area of expertise. After qualifying in mainly psychology related subjects and my degree being psychology based, I always get asked the question ‘Why Marketing?’ Well, I like to explain it like this…

Marketing is about learning why people do the things they do, make the choices they make and buy the items they do. In order to market effectively you have to understand the basic psychology of why people do this. Without this knowledge, you are just reading a text book of ‘ideas’ and not understanding the process by which an emotion becomes part of a purchase, or why a purchase or interaction is actually made. With the boom of social media in the last 3-5 years, people interact all times of the day and night, and as a business you have to be prepared to accept that.

I love talking to clients about how to grow their business and how with support, taking a product global is hard work, but easy if you are prepared to listen. I never claim to know everything, but like to think I come at the whole sphere of Marketing in a ‘different’ manner, I come at it from the customers perspective NOT the business. Suddenly, I am able to see pathways that need creating, interactions that need developing and of course, channels that need filling to the route to market. I can easily see what is working within the business and what needs support. Taking products from £10-£100K worth of sales per annum to over £1 million is something I am proud to say I am able to easily achieve. Driving profit and ensuring your product or service is seen by the world in an already crowded market is what I love to do.

Digital MarketingSo, want to know more about me or Marketing, social media, blogging and more? After a helping hand or just some advice? Just say hi! I’m always happy to help :-)

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