breastcare_bag_jpgIt has been a little while since I have updated you all and I wanted to once again talk about breast feeding and some of the little things I learnt along the way that could help other mums!

  1. Invest in some flannels – make sure these go in the fridge and after a feed, place the cold flannels on your boobs (this helps with the heat and the soreness that comes after each and every feed for the first few weeks)
  2. Head on over to Medela and join in with the breast feeding question sessions, a great resource where all questions and concerns can be asked and you don’t feel like a complete ‘div’ asking them. Also invest in a Medela Breast Care Pack – superb little back in a beautiful case that contains everything to soothe, cover and love your boobs!
  3. Think about breast creamLanolin was the best I found (little purple tube!) and whilst it was expensive, it was brilliant! It helped in-between each feed take the raw soreness away and it could be left on (so it didn’t need to be removed after every single feed)
  4. Relax – breastfeeding actually isn’t as easy as some people make out. Everyone’s journey is different, but mine was actually very hard. We are still breastfeeding but struggling daily with supply and madam deciding if she fancies breast or bottle. Keep calm, relax and be proud you fed for as long as you did
  5. Periods – sometimes when you breast feed you do not re-start your periods! No one told me this, it wasn’t until month 3 that I wondered where they had gone! This doesn’t however mean you are ‘protected’ so use precautions when having naughtiness with the partner (unless you are aiming for another baby asap!)
  6. Let Down – when your breast is full and you baby feeds, sometimes you will get that ‘ahhhhh’ feeling – that is called let down and means you breast has literally been ‘let down.’ It is also okay if you do not get these feeling (I didn’t) and it has nothing to do with your supply or if they are working!
  7. Food – a huge myth! Your diet does not affect your supply! A breast feeding specialist told me that milk is produced from your blood, not your diet, therefore pizza and chips or salads and fruit, it doesn’t matter, you can and will still produce healthy milk! (pass the cake)
  8. Breast is Best – calm down, I am not advocating this at all. I am saying that whatever you feed your baby is your choice. It is your body, your baby and your decision. Breast may be best in your case, and not in others. Surely, as long as your baby is FED should be all that matters.

Enjoy your little lump for as long as you can, you soon blink and they are huge and wanting to grow up so quickly. I am still in shock little Fleur is now teething and 13 weeks old….yes, 13 weeks! Enjoy your little baby and do whatever is best for you both. Growing up is your journey together and however you do it is fine!

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So, I am actually writing this from home holding my beautiful little Fleur at 2 weeks old….rather than a newborn on her due date! I did know she would be eager to get here to meet us all!

Dear Baby Girl,

Processed with MoldivThis hasn’t been an easy ride for mummy, and whilst I love you very very much, I am glad you are here (hopefully safe and well) and no longer in mummy! After suffering from morning (afternoon and evening) sickness from 2 weeks pretty much until you popped out, you also decided that gestational diabetes was going to be added to the mix. That, along with growing to be a big, strong girl inside me (and showing way off the charts) you thought that by adding swelling to my legs, ankles, legs and hips, SPD, headaches, pre-eclampsia scares and protein in my urine every single urine test, I was beginning to get a bit worried. Add Ketones, Electrolytes, reduced movement, contractions from 34 weeks and needing steriods you certainly had me wondering what I was doing wrong to not be 100% healthy. The good thing was, that even though mummy was falling apart, you seemed quite content.

Processed with MoldivSleeping through all the hook ups to the contraction machines, all the scans and growth scans as well as all the internal examinations. I do know one thing though, I would do it all again to have you here, and love you so much and always will. However, can you please maybe be a good girl for mummy as I need lots of cuddles with you (and a few hundred kisses) to help me forget the pain and fall in love with you even more.

I still cannot believe that after looking at your two scans you are actually a little person, sitting here in my arms, singing away whilst I type this. I am totally in love and think you will always be the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Lots of Love, Mummy xxx

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9734027123_17126832418620743896As you all know I am a member of Bzzagent and I was sent some Nair to review! Number 1, this made me scream with joy as being fat and pregnant I could no longer hold my breath long enough to shave my legs without cutting them to shreds and Number 2, it can be applied easily, left, showered off and there is no risk of fatality and death by shaving. It also means no shaving rash, little bumps under the skin and it lasts loads longer than shaving does (like 5+ days). 

I will not be supplying pics with this post (I am not prepared to terrify you that much) and as my legs were so swollen in pregnancy, you would probably mistake them for a giant body mass resembling nothing like legs! However, I was very glad on Monday 12th May to use the product because I went into labour on the Tuesday morning and had a hair free labour (yes, the thought of the midwives before labour looking at me made me get everything in order, however at the time, I couldn’t care less and just was so glad to see them hair was the last thing on my mind!)

Boots-Main-LogoMy Nair Kit is superb and going forward I will be using it on my legs and especially my underarms where I seem to get really bad shaving rash irritation. I loved the fact it left my legs so smooth, its because it has Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter in it, so leaves a smooth residue after its washed off and not skin like a reptile! So, I can be fuzz free for the summer, and look like I haven’t had a run in with a very small swordsman who wanted to attack my ankles. You can find out more about Nair here:-  and you can buy from Boots!

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pregnant-woman-workingI have a lot of people ask me ‘how I do it,’ probably once or twice a week. No, we are not talking about consuming a whole bar of dairy milk in one go (yes, something I am proud that I can do!) but working full time with a 3 year old and one on the way. I am also a step mummy to my lovely Step Son (age 11, going on 21) and manage to also have a spotless house (the OCD helps) and be a wife. It is not easy, and it means sleep is for wimps. But how do I do it? I am not 100% sure.

My day usually starts at 5:30am, with getting up with my little hunk, a shower, packing day bags and eventually leaving the house to take him to his childcare of the day (my hubby shares this too). After battling through traffic, I end up heading to work (45 mins away) and praying for no accidents. Once arriving at work, its full on. Being a Global Marketing & e-Commerce Director, mainly focussed in the UK and USA, my day is never calm, chilled or without a hell of a lot of stress. After managing most of the day in pain (joys of pregnancy), limited food (okay, lots of coffee), heartburn, exhaustion and a few arguments, its time to go home. Spending 1/2 my life on the A12 motorway to get back to Jasper to pick him up and bundle him (sometimes successfully) into the car along with his bag, shoes, jumper, juice, bowl of treats and anything else he took in the morning.

The fight then begins when we get home. Struggling to get Jasper in (if he has fallen asleep) in bed, or let him run the excess energy off before a clean up mission starts (tidying mainly) and tea is cooked. By the time we sit down, answer emails, manage the blogs and Jasper has gotten up between 2-222 times, it is about 10:30pm. It is then time for showers (we take it either now or in the morning) and bed. Then, pregnancy heartburn, restless legs and general ‘needing a wee’ kicks in all night until the alarm at 5:30am.

Don’t worry though, the weekends are great too. On top of cleaning the whole house, 3 bathrooms, washing loads (usually 3-4), ironing, shopping, collecting parcels, seeing friends & generally everything else, we then have the whole next week to look forward to. Oh, and of course annual leave! Last year 18 of my 20 days annual leave was used looking after a poorly Jasper (as we only get statutory sick pay) and 1 of those days was used for a personal hospital appointment. Not bad hey – 1 day of actual annual leave in a whole year. And to congratulate myself, I will be getting another little bundle of love in May.

So, how do I do it? No idea. Am I shattered? Yes. Annoyed when others moan about their day drinking coffee, being at home and struggling with just schools runs? Yes. Those that actually have annual leave? Yes. Generally a moody cow….? Yes!

Love and Kisses to everyone who puts up with me, god knows how you do it!

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Dear Midwives, Doctors, Cleaners and anyone else who is going to be reading this. If it was like my last birth, I met everyone and their wife due to Jasper being a naughty boy and deciding it was nicer to stay inside mummy than it was to come out.

When thinking about my birth plan for baby number 2, we have decided we would ideally like the baby out nice and quickly, with mummy being left as much in tact as possible. Whilst being cut front to back doesn’t sound that appealing, if it is needed, do what you need to do. But please, tell me. Please do not ‘not’ tell me so when the epidural wears off I think I have been in a fight with a group of surgeons and severely lost. Also, if you are going to use a catheter at any point, can you let me know please. Last time I forgot, and whilst you all looked at me like a mad woman, I genuinely didn’t know how I was lasting 2 days without needing a wee wee and then had to train myself for the next 2 weeks to ‘need’ a wee again.

I would love to be able to hold baby straight away, gunk and all, and tell her that I am her mummy (the one who has been singing to her for the last 9 months) and that I will love her every second of every day. I would like delayed cord clamping after reading about its benefits and how it can help reduce jaundice. Again, I am going to have to trust you read this, however, don’t think I wont notice – I am not completely as blonde as I look.

The next stage of my birth plan is peace please. No, I do not wish for 100 doctors, nurses, trainer nurses, midwives and the local cleaner to come in and have a look. This was massively distracting last time and to be honest I didn’t really want to have to smile and care about who was looking at my incredibly hairy legs & unwaxed nether regions. The argument I had with the gentleman pulling a face and asking if this was ‘normal’ really didn’t help with the whole situation. I would like peace please and a cup of tea. Yes, throughout my whole birth last time you put me ‘nil by mouth’ this time, I would like a cup of tea, some music and even a little quiet space where I can focus.

I understand you do what is needed for me & our baby, but I must stress that this time I am in control. I have had the amazing support from a group of twitter users whom I would be lost without. I know what can and can’t happen and that actually I have choices that I am allowed to exercise. I want a healthy happy baby and I also deserve to be treated with respect. This is my body, and not up for ‘grabs’ by every surgeon, nurse, midwife on the ward. I am in control this time and I will listen to what it says and act accordingly.

Once baby is out, I would appreciate some privacy too. Please don’t force breast feeding on me. I do wish to breastfeed, but 3-4 of you coming round every 20 minutes makes me want to throw whatever I have at you. Together myself, my husband and my baby will get the hang of it. Leave us in peace to learn together how to become a family, in calmness and in love.

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So, I am now approaching 27 weeks pregnant and just been diagnosed with SPD in Pregnancy (sounds dodgy, more info can be found here via the NHS) Basically, it means I am walking like a very old woman who has been kicked in-between her legs (classy right!) So, the normal things are now appearing quite difficult to do – i.e. go for a wee wee and not sit down without moaning, or stand up without wincing. Anyway, I inform you of my impending doom because something so funny happened in Asda today.

Yes, I was wandering down the isles, searching for the shopping and all of a sudden I could feel my hips start to go. Grabbing onto the trolley, a little old man asked if I was okay (cue the ahhh). I replied ‘yes thank you, just a rough night.’ Now the little old man gave me a very disgusted look and walked off. Had I just told the old man I had a ‘kinky’ night without knowing? I should have explained I was pregnant and stuggling to walk? Oh well, some little old man now thinks I am a fifthy lady wandering the isles of Asda with a limp after a night of hot passion (if only that were the case!).

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone.


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So I think I have blinked and suddenly I am only 12 weeks away from leaving work and resting ready for the arrival of my little lump. I am excited to think that our little family is going to be growing and a little madam entering the house. So what’s happening everywhere else? We’ll my tummy is not happy (understatement of the year) and heartburn is beginning to set in (god bless gaviscon) but I am loving that my usual awful skin is clear and my hair looking lovely and shiny without being greasy after just one day.One thing I am disliking though, is I now need to invest in tent pants. Yes giant pants are needed. Little normal sized pants are no longer comfy and I am in need of giant ones to cover my bump. Why can I not seem to find pretty giant pants? I can see an obvious gap in the market and I am hinting at those out there to start a pretty pants campaign for growing bumps!

Long live pants and long live frilly giant knickers.

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I am now not far off being 20 weeks pregnant (totally exciting) and this is my second pregnancy, my body is revolting (not literally) against me and stretching in that lovely, bright red way all over my stomach. So, I have taken to putting on (okay, covering myself) with body butter. Mainly because I stand there itching it looks like I am a bit of a ‘I dont wash and have mites’ kind of look so the lathering on of cream tends to help a bit.

Palmers Body ButterI have decided to try out Palmers Body Butter. It comes in a handy pump tube thing and easy to use (with your thumb so you can pump and get cream in one hand) and its nice and thick. Smells lovely too. I was a bit dubious as it wasnt that expensive and no, I am not a snob for body creams, but I thought it might just be a ‘cream’ and not stop me itching.

After using it when I got in from work, and just before I went to bed, it really helped (it allowed me to stop itching myself to death) and I can see that my stomach actually doesn’t look so raw anymore. It is smooth and whilst I can feel the stretch marks, I cannot actually see the angry redness anymore.

The bottle cost me under £3 (which was a bargain) and I have used it now for at least 3 weeks, every night, and the bottle still feels like it is heavy and full. Its really easy to apply and a lovely thick lotion that seriously stops that nagging need to scratch yourself to death. I have now started applying it to the sides of my boobs (am I allowed to say that word?!) because these too have now started itching like crazy. Just call me the lotion covered, coco butter smelling dream lady!

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