We were very lucky and send a pack of 6 Nuby Bottles to use for mums that are breast and bottle feeding (or just bottle feeding). At the time, we were combination feeding and now we are exclusively on bottle feeding (will explain more about that in another post).

The Nuby Natural Touch™ decorated feeding bottle set includes 6 x 270ml bottles and 6 Slow Flow Easy Latch teats.  They are available in Boots stores and the Nuby UK website, RRP £14.99 which is cheaper than most set of 6 bottles by other brands and also the Nuby bottles have a couple of great features that I have really noticed made a difference to feeding Fleur and helped hugely with her Colic.

  • The Nuby bottles do not collapse at the teat with vigerous sucking – this means they cannot ‘suck’ all the air out of the bottle and get frustrated by the lack of milk coming through – this is due to the advanced valves that allow air flow back into the bottle so baby can have a continuous feed
  • They look (yes odd I know) like breasts – with the natural bumps and the shape of the teat, Fleur took straight to them when we made the transition from breast to bottle
  • The teats do not get powder stuck in them easily (and therefore do not block the hole they need to feed from) where other bottles we have been using seem to get the powder constantly stuck in them

I really love the Nuby bottles and have the pink ones – I have now switched all my bottles to Nuby and believe that they really have made a difference to feeding Fleur. She took to them straight away and they are easy to clean and fit in a standard steriliser.

I brought my next set out of my boots advantage card points and they also sell the next stage teats up for 4-6+ months feeding.

I love Nuby and would recommend them to any newbie mum that is unsure about what to use – I also found that for colic/wind they massively reduced the wind intake and this resulted in an easy feed, a simple burp (not a 45 minute walk round the house exercise) and Fleur seemed to take the whole feed rather than 1/2 and be full of wind!

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Dear Midwives, Doctors, Cleaners and anyone else who is going to be reading this. If it was like my last birth, I met everyone and their wife due to Jasper being a naughty boy and deciding it was nicer to stay inside mummy than it was to come out.

When thinking about my birth plan for baby number 2, we have decided we would ideally like the baby out nice and quickly, with mummy being left as much in tact as possible. Whilst being cut front to back doesn’t sound that appealing, if it is needed, do what you need to do. But please, tell me. Please do not ‘not’ tell me so when the epidural wears off I think I have been in a fight with a group of surgeons and severely lost. Also, if you are going to use a catheter at any point, can you let me know please. Last time I forgot, and whilst you all looked at me like a mad woman, I genuinely didn’t know how I was lasting 2 days without needing a wee wee and then had to train myself for the next 2 weeks to ‘need’ a wee again.

I would love to be able to hold baby straight away, gunk and all, and tell her that I am her mummy (the one who has been singing to her for the last 9 months) and that I will love her every second of every day. I would like delayed cord clamping after reading about its benefits and how it can help reduce jaundice. Again, I am going to have to trust you read this, however, don’t think I wont notice – I am not completely as blonde as I look.

The next stage of my birth plan is peace please. No, I do not wish for 100 doctors, nurses, trainer nurses, midwives and the local cleaner to come in and have a look. This was massively distracting last time and to be honest I didn’t really want to have to smile and care about who was looking at my incredibly hairy legs & unwaxed nether regions. The argument I had with the gentleman pulling a face and asking if this was ‘normal’ really didn’t help with the whole situation. I would like peace please and a cup of tea. Yes, throughout my whole birth last time you put me ‘nil by mouth’ this time, I would like a cup of tea, some music and even a little quiet space where I can focus.

I understand you do what is needed for me & our baby, but I must stress that this time I am in control. I have had the amazing support from a group of twitter users whom I would be lost without. I know what can and can’t happen and that actually I have choices that I am allowed to exercise. I want a healthy happy baby and I also deserve to be treated with respect. This is my body, and not up for ‘grabs’ by every surgeon, nurse, midwife on the ward. I am in control this time and I will listen to what it says and act accordingly.

Once baby is out, I would appreciate some privacy too. Please don’t force breast feeding on me. I do wish to breastfeed, but 3-4 of you coming round every 20 minutes makes me want to throw whatever I have at you. Together myself, my husband and my baby will get the hang of it. Leave us in peace to learn together how to become a family, in calmness and in love.

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