photo 1I was a very lucky girl to be thrown a baby shower by my lovely friends a couple of weekends ago. We visited a lovely place in Ipswich, Suffolk called Arlingtons. A lovely venue, really stunning and vintage inside with a huge staircase that takes you back to ‘Mr Darcy’ times! Once at the top, we had our own private room and it was filled with my friends and happy smiling faces. After the week i’d had, I needed some happy people to see!


I walked in to a pink mirage of beauty – lovely pink balloons, pink gifts and of course pink flowers. It really looked stunning and made me well up I was so touched everyone had put in so much effort just for me and my bump. The Full Image of Groupwhole table and room looked stunning. Vintage style tea-cups, saucers, vases and jugs and just my ideal place to be spending a Saturday afternoon. My chosen godmothers were also there (looking fantastic in pink) and so was my mummy, my mother in law and my closest friends. 

Arlington’s really did make the afternoon special, bringing out pots of hot tea, jugs of cool water and lots of stunning cakes and sandwiches all on beautiful vintage cake stands. The presents sat in the corner (lots of them!) and I was lucky to get 3 Nappy Cakes as well as a baby swing, goodies for baby and me as well as the most beautiful clothes. 

CakeWhilst the lovely games started (guessing baby weight, time in labor) I was introduced to my 

Table View 1

entertainment for the afternoon – Shooting Stars Video and Photography! My whole day was captured by the lovely Jennifer who turned the very classical affair into a more fun (but still classical) event! My video from everyone was so funny (and true!) and I watched it and just smiled (before crying) when I got home. I still can’t believe I am going to be a mummy again and still a bit shocked by it all. I was also blessed with a stunning cake and cupcakes set from the amazing Krumblies – just beautiful in artwork, taste and execution. 

A beautiful day for a beautiful princess to be; I felt very spoilt, loved and appreciated – just need my little lady to arrive now!   

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Robs Birthday CupcakesSo, this weekend was the husbands birthday and as usual, I try and arrange something lovely. After a long week last week, I was really looking forward to taking the man out and spoiling him – cue the 2.5 year old….! So, Friday, Jazzy woke up a little hot and needed some magic Calpol. Drugs were administered and he was given to my mum as per usual on a Friday. He moped all day and came home Friday night a little bit worse and went straight to bed. To say we haven’t actually been to bed since Thursday night is NOT an exaggeration.

Up all night Friday night – well every 25 minutes with poorly J was not an understatement. Saturday was spent in dream world before collecting cakes from Krumblies (ummm) and then coming home for a changed evening of a Chinese Takeaway and our best friends round. I fell asleep just after 9:00pm mid movie and Jasper started waking from 11:30pm onwards. Again, at least i got 2.5 hours sleep before another night awake. Today will be spent cleaning, attempting to stand and being exhausted, ready for a full working week starting in less than 24 hours.

Just remind me, who said working was fun? Or having children? I’m exhausted, and prepared for anything today – but isn’t it funny, the more tired you are, the less you are concerned about the little stuff. For if the world caves in today – that is fine with me, as long as it leaves us alone!

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