Joules PantsI was a *very* lucky girl Friday 4th April and was invited to a VIP event for Joules based at Trinity Park in Ipswich. It was ‘shamazing!’ As many of you know, my love for Joules run’s pretty deep, in fact if you cut me, my blood would run floral. So when I received an invite to come and shop at an event offering 50-70% off + an extra 10% I actually nearly died on the spot. 

I packed up my bags, headed over to Trinity Park in Ipswich and followed the beautiful pink signs for the entrance. Parking my car has never happened so quickly, and as I entered I was greeted by a very handsome chap (far to young for me to be calling him ‘hot’) and was given a large plastic bag ready for my items. 

Joules Pink Posh WelliesFrom jackets, tops, skirts, baby and children items, through to a whole ‘Wellie’ station, I actually could have just laid on the floor and screamed in excitement. An hour later, a bulging bag dragging behind me, I paid for my goods. I couldn’t believe what I got for £130 – and am a proud to be wearing ‘Joules-o-holic.’ Jazzy now has a lovely new wardrobe complete with jacket, gillet, tops and wellies, but I do too (so does the mother, as I thought I better get her some new wellies too). 

Thank you Joules for the invite, I love you more than I ever did and am proud to be a Joules Addict.

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The New Year
So every one welcomed in a New Year, some were at work, others did it early to sneak off to bed and yes, I was able to stay awake (cue the cheering) until past midnight (okay I had a sneaky nap) and wished everyone I should a Happy New Year.

So I haven’t got any resolutions for this year, apart from to try and be a bit less of a miserable cow at times. I forget I’m a lucky bugger – married to my hunky ( yes he can be an arse too), with my beautiful Jazzy and a bump on the way. We just brought out first house together and are ready for getting older and wiser (stop laughing). I guess I get bogged down with life ‘crap’ and my only resolution is to remember it’s called crap for a reason. So, time to love life a bit more chill out with my friends and always make sure I’ve got my best knickers on.

As my mother always said, always wear your best knickers, you never know when you are going to get hit by a bus (cheery hey!)

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Okay, so having a little boy is totally cool – mainly because we get to hang out and do ‘boy’ things like get messy, but also the clothes. It is really hard finding cool boys clothes, and whilst I am not a very cool mother, I like to try and dress him in young, funky clothes so at least one of us is trendy.

This is where my little love affair of NEXT started. Since Jazzy was a baby, he has worn NEXT clothes. They wash up really well, and the staff are always so lovely, its very easy to go back for more (another issue I seem to have with Majestic Wine) and lately NEXT have really got it spot on trend with their boys clothes.

Some of my favourite pieces for Jazzy are:-

In Third Place – The GENIUS all-in-one Onsie (£20)

Genius Next OnesieTotally gorgeous, soft and worn all the time. Its perfect for that Sunday morning chill out, covers the knees and also can be used as a little going out outfit with hi-top trainers. Love this outfit on him and I know it washes beautifully, as it has (many, many times) been in the wash. Ketchup also came out perfectly off the ‘G’ so for £20 a perfect all rounder here!

In Second Place -  The Cable ‘Mock’ Shirt (£17)

Next Cable Shirt TopThis beautiful little set is a jumper and a shirt all in one, taking the need to attempt to get two pieces of clothing over my 2 year old’s head, allot easier and calmer not only for Jazzy but for mummy as well. It looks mega smart, washes beautifully AND requires no ironing (bonus I know).

Next Car ShoesIn First Place - The Cars Lace Up Shoes (£12)

Yes, my Jazzy is obsessed with cars, buses and anything with wheels and not only adores these shoes but will let me actually put them on him without trying to escape, call ‘kidnap’ or run away and hide his feet under his bottom. These beautiful, bright and really modern little shoes are really soft and…yes, have been through the washing machine and are still as bright as ever. Gorgeous and easy to put on, really nice pattern and look smart with any outfit. Love these little shoes, they totally rock.

So, stuck for something to wear? Head over to NEXT and take a look at their beautiful little boy’s collection and if you feel the need to, yes, add in a pair of shoes for you!

So, after a very long while (yes I know, I’m rubbish) I’m back. I have missed blogging but as some people will agree, you have to be in it all or nothing. I lost my love for blogging when it became hard work, now, I’ve freed up some time from sleeping, eating, working and generally being a home and work slave and dedicated a small piece of that time to me (yes, shock horror).

So, just a note to say hello, hi, ‘whassup’ and how’s it hanging? Thought I would start today with my top 3 things of today:-

1) Next Clothes – yes, I love all the emails you send me, and yes, because of you my account balance is stupid, but I love you. Especially your summer tunics (that cover my chunky butt) and are cheap, involve no, yes no ironing and come in funky leopard print for under £20:-

2) Pip Studio – never heard of it? Good! Then more for me…well its a make of GORGEOUS dining wear, and I know that sounds boring, but its lush. It makes me want to have a get together (which I hate as I hate mess) just so I can use my tea pot, mismatching plates and butter dish (I don’t even like butter!) but its a gorgeous collection and you need, yes need to look at this link:-

3) Knickers - I used to love knickers, then lost my love for them and am pleased to say it’s come back. I don’t mean those thong things, or skimpy pants, I mean full on frilly knickers. The one’s you get and go ‘gorgeous’ but then never have anywhere to wear them! So, here is my last love shout out for big, fat frilly knickers:-

Do you have any favourites? Anything that you think ‘that makes me go ooooh?’

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