Joules PantsI was a *very* lucky girl Friday 4th April and was invited to a VIP event for Joules based at Trinity Park in Ipswich. It was ‘shamazing!’ As many of you know, my love for Joules run’s pretty deep, in fact if you cut me, my blood would run floral. So when I received an invite to come and shop at an event offering 50-70% off + an extra 10% I actually nearly died on the spot. 

I packed up my bags, headed over to Trinity Park in Ipswich and followed the beautiful pink signs for the entrance. Parking my car has never happened so quickly, and as I entered I was greeted by a very handsome chap (far to young for me to be calling him ‘hot’) and was given a large plastic bag ready for my items. 

Joules Pink Posh WelliesFrom jackets, tops, skirts, baby and children items, through to a whole ‘Wellie’ station, I actually could have just laid on the floor and screamed in excitement. An hour later, a bulging bag dragging behind me, I paid for my goods. I couldn’t believe what I got for £130 – and am a proud to be wearing ‘Joules-o-holic.’ Jazzy now has a lovely new wardrobe complete with jacket, gillet, tops and wellies, but I do too (so does the mother, as I thought I better get her some new wellies too). 

Thank you Joules for the invite, I love you more than I ever did and am proud to be a Joules Addict.

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Loving Joules Bath & BodyJoules Bath and BodySo I was a lucky girl for Christmas and got some Joules bath and body items. I am slightly obsessed with these items because they are lovely and look beautiful too. I am a completely lover of the joules print and have many of their items (ok obsessed may be a better word) and have them proudly displayed in my bathroom.

Now if only joules did wallpaper I would actually be in complete heaven. Although my poor hubby is already surrounded with bath & body lotions, me dressed head to toe, my little Jazzy wearing it and now baby clothes mounting up ready for our little girl the poor man probably would go mad if wallpaper was released!!

(Joules, please release wallpaper, just so I can have one room dedicated to you!)

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