center-parcs-logoI am excited to report that I am off to Center Parcs for a week with my little gang and Nanny! My lovely little Jasper adores Nanny so is literally bouncing off the walls at the prospect of having a whole week with her and Fleur (he tends to forget me) at somewhere he has begun to love.

Growing up as a child, everyone seemed to head to Center Parcs and go for weeks or weekends and I never really understood the ‘pull.’ We always had amazing holidays and spent a lot of time in Spain. Since having children, UK holidays were a good idea for us until we got brave enough to venture abroad and therefore the attraction to places such as Center Parcs began.

A whole week of walking, feeding the ducks, making friends with the squirrels and of course swimming is so appealing at the moment. I need some time to be ‘me’ and remind myself that even with everything that is happening, I can be a good, fun and happy mummy. I also need to spend some time with my mum – who does what any mum does best, looks after her babies. She will look after me and remind me how much she loves me, which is exactly what I need at the moment.

I will of course, report back on all the fantastic activities we got up to and how many times I had to say ‘No Jasper, you cannot take the Duck home,‘ to my little man (he loves ducks). Time for some relaxation in the forest and to be in the air with my little gang. Time for me to spend some time with my mummy and for her to wrap her arms around me with the words we always promise to say ‘It will be alright.’


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It is hard being a mum and it must be hard being a grandparent. Even more so when the two grandsons have been born approx 8 months apart. What is even more difficult is that my parents have Jasper three times a week. This was planned from when he was 9 months old (he is now 2.5 years old). After Christmas this will be going down to 2 days a week and at the end of the year, 1 day a week. It has been planned with precision and everything was perfect. Then, said nephew, has come into the picture (and I adore him by the way), but seems to be ‘given’ to my parents every single weekend and any time during the week that they fancy it.

Therefore, not only is Jasper’s routine messed up, but nephew, who is very different to Jasper, screams the house down and causes Jasper to come home unhappy and wanting alot of my attention. After a week away on holiday, we texted nanny to let her know we have presents and missed not seeing her for a whole week – but surprise surprise, their whole week and weekend was spent looking after said nephew and she ‘can’t possibly see Jasper’ as she is ‘exhausted’ and ‘busy with said nephew.’

Wow. That is all I have to say. We don’t ‘dump’ Jasper on anyone and have him every weekend without fail as we both work all week. When I am ill, or Jasper is ill, we have him and holidays and bank holidays (of course) have him. This is not the case with said nephew.

Am I right to be miffed? I would love a weekend ‘off’ but would miss my boy & I am his mother. Why is it I am the only one bothered?!

Love a Miffed and Seriously Peeved Off Mummy xx

Butlins LogoSo, the time is approaching when myself and my hubby along with little J have a week together (yes, this is rare and only happens if we are lucky, once a year). So the huge question is, where do we go? We both wanted to go abroad this year, but as we are now applying for our first mortgage (very scary) we are saving the pennies so are going to try somewhere closer to home. We have looked at Butlins, Pontins and all the other ‘Inns’ and they all seem similar – so which one do you go for? I love Centre Parcs but do not like the fact at about 5:30pm every evening, the whole place goes quiet – no evening entertainment! Now, don’t get me wrong, by 5:30pm I am centre.parcs_.logo_exhausted but I want some fun!

I remember (back in the day…..not that many years ago) of playing games, hearing songs and entertainment in the evening, collecting random items of strangers, running to the stage and then winning a prize! Where can I take J for his first proper disco and let him run around having some fun before crashing? Well, I am still on the search, but why cant it just be simple? With all offering great experiences, everything for every age – what about a simple ‘Yes, come here, you will love it,’ would actually be really appreciated now. So, I am asking you – where do I go? J is only 2 1/2 so log flumes and kids club are not important, but good fun and stuff for us all to take part in are! So, this is your mission if you choose to accept it – there is no coming back and you may, just may, be injured in the process. You’re mission is to give me your recommendation.

This message will self destruct in 5,4,3,2,1……

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