So I think I have blinked and suddenly I am only 12 weeks away from leaving work and resting ready for the arrival of my little lump. I am excited to think that our little family is going to be growing and a little madam entering the house. So what’s happening everywhere else? We’ll my tummy is not happy (understatement of the year) and heartburn is beginning to set in (god bless gaviscon) but I am loving that my usual awful skin is clear and my hair looking lovely and shiny without being greasy after just one day.One thing I am disliking though, is I now need to invest in tent pants. Yes giant pants are needed. Little normal sized pants are no longer comfy and I am in need of giant ones to cover my bump. Why can I not seem to find pretty giant pants? I can see an obvious gap in the market and I am hinting at those out there to start a pretty pants campaign for growing bumps!

Long live pants and long live frilly giant knickers.

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So, after a very long while (yes I know, I’m rubbish) I’m back. I have missed blogging but as some people will agree, you have to be in it all or nothing. I lost my love for blogging when it became hard work, now, I’ve freed up some time from sleeping, eating, working and generally being a home and work slave and dedicated a small piece of that time to me (yes, shock horror).

So, just a note to say hello, hi, ‘whassup’ and how’s it hanging? Thought I would start today with my top 3 things of today:-

1) Next Clothes – yes, I love all the emails you send me, and yes, because of you my account balance is stupid, but I love you. Especially your summer tunics (that cover my chunky butt) and are cheap, involve no, yes no ironing and come in funky leopard print for under £20:-

2) Pip Studio – never heard of it? Good! Then more for me…well its a make of GORGEOUS dining wear, and I know that sounds boring, but its lush. It makes me want to have a get together (which I hate as I hate mess) just so I can use my tea pot, mismatching plates and butter dish (I don’t even like butter!) but its a gorgeous collection and you need, yes need to look at this link:-

3) Knickers - I used to love knickers, then lost my love for them and am pleased to say it’s come back. I don’t mean those thong things, or skimpy pants, I mean full on frilly knickers. The one’s you get and go ‘gorgeous’ but then never have anywhere to wear them! So, here is my last love shout out for big, fat frilly knickers:-

Do you have any favourites? Anything that you think ‘that makes me go ooooh?’

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