Digital Marketing via Social MediaSo, as many of you will know I work in the Marketing Field, specialising in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, and love my area of expertise. After qualifying in mainly psychology related subjects and my degree being psychology based, I always get asked the question ‘Why Marketing?’ Well, I like to explain it like this…

Marketing is about learning why people do the things they do, make the choices they make and buy the items they do. In order to market effectively you have to understand the basic psychology of why people do this. Without this knowledge, you are just reading a text book of ‘ideas’ and not understanding the process by which an emotion becomes part of a purchase, or why a purchase or interaction is actually made. With the boom of social media in the last 3-5 years, people interact all times of the day and night, and as a business you have to be prepared to accept that.

I love talking to clients about how to grow their business and how with support, taking a product global is hard work, but easy if you are prepared to listen. I never claim to know everything, but like to think I come at the whole sphere of Marketing in a ‘different’ manner, I come at it from the customers perspective NOT the business. Suddenly, I am able to see pathways that need creating, interactions that need developing and of course, channels that need filling to the route to market. I can easily see what is working within the business and what needs support. Taking products from £10-£100K worth of sales per annum to over £1 million is something I am proud to say I am able to easily achieve. Driving profit and ensuring your product or service is seen by the world in an already crowded market is what I love to do.

Digital MarketingSo, want to know more about me or Marketing, social media, blogging and more? After a helping hand or just some advice? Just say hi! I’m always happy to help :-)

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pregnant-woman-workingI have a lot of people ask me ‘how I do it,’ probably once or twice a week. No, we are not talking about consuming a whole bar of dairy milk in one go (yes, something I am proud that I can do!) but working full time with a 3 year old and one on the way. I am also a step mummy to my lovely Step Son (age 11, going on 21) and manage to also have a spotless house (the OCD helps) and be a wife. It is not easy, and it means sleep is for wimps. But how do I do it? I am not 100% sure.

My day usually starts at 5:30am, with getting up with my little hunk, a shower, packing day bags and eventually leaving the house to take him to his childcare of the day (my hubby shares this too). After battling through traffic, I end up heading to work (45 mins away) and praying for no accidents. Once arriving at work, its full on. Being a Global Marketing & e-Commerce Director, mainly focussed in the UK and USA, my day is never calm, chilled or without a hell of a lot of stress. After managing most of the day in pain (joys of pregnancy), limited food (okay, lots of coffee), heartburn, exhaustion and a few arguments, its time to go home. Spending 1/2 my life on the A12 motorway to get back to Jasper to pick him up and bundle him (sometimes successfully) into the car along with his bag, shoes, jumper, juice, bowl of treats and anything else he took in the morning.

The fight then begins when we get home. Struggling to get Jasper in (if he has fallen asleep) in bed, or let him run the excess energy off before a clean up mission starts (tidying mainly) and tea is cooked. By the time we sit down, answer emails, manage the blogs and Jasper has gotten up between 2-222 times, it is about 10:30pm. It is then time for showers (we take it either now or in the morning) and bed. Then, pregnancy heartburn, restless legs and general ‘needing a wee’ kicks in all night until the alarm at 5:30am.

Don’t worry though, the weekends are great too. On top of cleaning the whole house, 3 bathrooms, washing loads (usually 3-4), ironing, shopping, collecting parcels, seeing friends & generally everything else, we then have the whole next week to look forward to. Oh, and of course annual leave! Last year 18 of my 20 days annual leave was used looking after a poorly Jasper (as we only get statutory sick pay) and 1 of those days was used for a personal hospital appointment. Not bad hey – 1 day of actual annual leave in a whole year. And to congratulate myself, I will be getting another little bundle of love in May.

So, how do I do it? No idea. Am I shattered? Yes. Annoyed when others moan about their day drinking coffee, being at home and struggling with just schools runs? Yes. Those that actually have annual leave? Yes. Generally a moody cow….? Yes!

Love and Kisses to everyone who puts up with me, god knows how you do it!

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