Okay, so maybe not 101 ways, but I was thinking how baby wipes have become a firm staple in my life and all the things I use them for. Some of these (from a post by another blogger) made me giggle (mainly because I did the same things she also did) and in support, thought I would let you know my top 5 ways that baby wipes have become a firm part of my life!

  1. Butts – okay, so the main use is to clean my little one’s bum, they also work on Jasper’s bum if needed and also mine if I need to (don’t judge me)
  2. Makeup Remover – they are great for removing make up especially mascara (including water proof!)
  3. Cleaning the Table – they are great for cleaning the table, the chairs and the sideboard (okay and the floor, handles and sink area) they also work well on trainers, the car surfaces and window sills
  4. Washing any part of me that I do not have time to fully wash with a shower! With Jasper, Fleur and deadlines to make all day every day, sometimes a shower is impossible. So whatever needs a wipe or clean, gets one with a baby wipe
  5. Healing! If i accidentally cut my leg in the shower, and my leg decides to bleed everywhere, pop a baby wipe on the wound and then use another to tie round it (and on the ankle) so it is tight on the leg (not too tight) and the bleeding stops shortly after! I have also before forgotten to take it off, slept in it and scared the hubby the next morning

So, what can you not live without? I love baby wipes and think I actually would be slightly lost without them!

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surcareWe were very lucky to be picked to review a big box of goodies from Surcare Sensitive. Their range of sensitive washing detergents are not only safe for little people’s skin, they contain no dyes, enzymes or acids, so great for sensitive skin. My family (all of us) suffer from dry skin and my husband with sensitive skin, so this was a great chance for us to see if special products could make any difference!

We were sent the following for Jasper, and these were his notes that he wanted to get across:-

  • Organic Soft Dressing Gown – this was beautifully soft and delicate on his skin and he also liked the fact it made him look like a polar bear. He enjoyed putting it on and making ‘roar’ noises just as his little sister was going to sleep. He also noted this was ‘cuddly’ and ‘bootiful.’
  • Organic Babies Wash and Dry Skin Lotion – the wash was lovely, frothed up really easily and only a little was needed to clean his hair and body. Jasper enjoyed the bubbles and proceeded to make a bubble beard and hat for himself. The dry skin lotion he enjoyed on his arms and feet – asking again for a foot rub and ‘more lotion’ for his bob the builder toy on the bed.
  • Octopus Rattle – this beautiful 100% cotton rattle was lovely. Really bright and Jasper decided his little sister didn’t need it, and proceeded to cuddle it and take it everywhere with him including the bathroom

I then reviewed the Sensitive Liquid, Bio Gel, Capsules and Fabric Condition – I really loved this range. Completely fragrance free, demagogically tested and approved and only a little bit was needed to clean the huge washing loads. I was eager to use these because with Fleur being so young I was wary of using traditional conditioners on her skin. Due to containing no dyes, enzymes or acids, they are designed to be delicate. Leaving the washing soft, clean and smelling fresh I was suspecting them to be on the higher price range than standard washing items – but on sale for only £3.00 RRP in Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, I was actually shocked at the price!

I really enjoyed the pack of items we received, Jasper loved his first joint review with me and the our clothes we left soft, clean and smelling beautiful. Just what I needed with a busy life and a newborn. More information on Surcare can be found here:- www.surcare.co.uk

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We were very lucky to be sent a Kärcher Window Vac to review. Now, this may be because I am super fantastic, or the fact I am a complete clean freak with massive OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning. I will make my judgement after I have wiped the computer screen and dusted the keyboard again (grrr, crumbs everywhere!)

Kärcher Window Vac Mop HeadThe Kärcher Window Vac sucks surfaces completely dry, streak free and makes it easier than ever to achieve crystal clear windows in an instant. It’s also perfect for removing liquid from mirrors, shower screens, tiles, condensation from windows and even spills from floors and worktops. When it arrived, it was really simple to put together, and with a simple couple of clicks, the top ‘mop’ head was attached to the squirty bottle full of cleaning fluid that came with the pack. The idea of this is to spray directly onto the window, wipe the window and then to use the Window Vac with the other hand. Think Karate Kid – Wipe on with one hand, Vac off with the other!

karcher-wv50-window-vacuumOnce the window has had a wipe, you then switch on the Kärcher Vac and literally play ‘window men!’ Push it against the window and slowly pull the Vac down, and complete magic happens. The liquid is removed and the window is sparkly clean. When I mean clean, I mean MEGA clean. No marks, no streaks, no mess. I was a bit shocked, so carried on and finished the double doors (yes, big project first off). They looked really impressive. I then decided it was time to get exciting – I did every mirror in the house (which previously had resulted in smudges) and every piece of glass (doors, windows) and then…moved on to the outside! We live in a Bungalow – and I cleaned the outside windows! Again, really impressive and super quick, I managed the whole house, every window, mirror and the outside in under 42 minutes on ONE CHARGE! It really was that quick and lasted the whole house without needing to stop and recharge.

The Kärcher Window Vac is cordless and lightweight and simple to charge. Once I had finished, I emptied the little sealed compartment where the water had been sucked and put the Vac on charge. Within an hour, the Vac was fully charged and even though I didn’t (spoil sport I know) was tempted to go again just because I could! The next challenge is the car windows and my mums conservatory – this really means I do not have to a) attempt to clean them with a cloth b) let them look awful and c) pay for a window cleaner!

The Window Vacs start at £59.99 and can be brought at most major retailers as well as online here. I am really impressed with the results and how easy it was – I now have sparkly mirrors, ready to have freshly laid finger prints on by my crazy toddler!

Please note, whilst we were sent this product c to review, all opinions are my own; Images courteous of Kärcher UK

Okay, so this weekend wasn’t a particularly great one. After an awful day at work on the Friday, and being exhausted, the weekend started off at 4am on Saturday morning and never really got any better. People forget that mums and dads that work full time literally survive off no rest, no sleep and no ‘down time.’ After 45+hrs at work, 15+hrs of driving, and unbroken sleep for the last 2+ years – weekends are not a welcomed time. Exhaustion, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, changing the beds all take place oh as well as trying to act like a normal, happy and enjoyable family.

This weekend has been hell – with J waking up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday and no – not going back to sleep. Both days held tantrum after tantrum, tears, screaming and of course, all the normal weekend chores and duties; and guess what – we now get to go back to work for another 45+hr week, 15+hrs of driving and MORE TEARS! Yeah! Sometimes I can’t actually believe how lucky I am (note the ridiculous sarcastic tone here) to be a working mum. Have I had enough? Yes.

To top it all off, J now has an obsession with weeing…on my foot. No, really, nothing else makes me happier to be wee’d on after the week’s ive been having, thank you – the ultimate way to say you love someone is obviously to wee on them.

Anyone else had enough?!

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