So, I love Christmas and always go overboard and spend way (waaayyy) too much money on those that I love, but I always love getting presents back, so a win win situation there! This year will not be a drunken year and there will be no champagne or mulled wine, however, I am getting excited to see if my hints at buying me unique presents has rubbed off.

One site I love is Not on the High Ive known about their site since the day it started, and feel proud to now see them on the TV screen and being finally recognised for their beautiful items. Some of my top items for Christmas presents (for me of course) are below, what do you think?

Lemongrass and Cardamom Gin – £33.70

Yes, I love Gin but I adore the bottle that it comes in and once it has gone you could use it for some single flowers, or even just fill it with bubble bath for a vintage style accessory. I love this and its a good price too. Or, if you are feeling a bit cheeky, why not re-fill it and re-gift it (I know, bad idea as I want to keep the bottle too).


Peapod Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace – £32.50

This stunning necklace made me go ‘oooooh’ not only is is stunningly beautiful, it is different. The fact you could get it from your hubby (two peas in a pod) or from your children (represented in the pearls – rare but beautiful) is lovely and I would love one of these at any time of the year.


Drink-O-Clock Cushion – £29.50

Okay, so the ‘Wine-O-Clock’ cushion is a bit funny, but as I love wine and will rekindle my love of wine when baby pops out, I adore this cushion. I always joke with my twitter gang that ‘wine-o-clock’ is every time of the day, and earlier if you are only holiday, so this is a very appropriate gift for me!


You Look Lovely Today Canvas Pouch – £18.00

My last little wish for Christmas – I adore this makeup bag, it makes me smile as its upbeat and I also love the font (I know….geek alert) but again, a lovely little bag that would be used for makeup, or money, or a little bag for tablets and all sorts within my big handbag and eventually (back to…) changing bag!


I was not send anything or asked to write this review – but would of course not say no to anything arriving in my christmas stocking this year!

Toddler BikeSo, I am freaking out a little bit as I have just realised (yes, blonde I know) that Christmas is like not that far away – a matter of months away – how did it sneak up on me this year?! Also, what the hell do I buy everyone?

So Jasper is 2.5 years, and at Christmas will be only 2 months away from being 3 (cue the uncontrollable crying) and I was thinking about buying him a Bike. Too early? No idea what age you are okay to buy a child a bike, mainly because when he was born, someone forgot to include the ‘Complete Manual to Looking After Baby,’ and therefore a mixture of muddling along, guess work and checking what everyone else is doing is how I have survived his growing up!

So, a Bike. He likes biking and goes on the back of Daddy’s bike with his super cool helmet on, but the fact of letting him loose on a ‘normal’ bike freaks me a bit. Mainly because I am a complete control freak, and Toddler Bikerubbish at remembering my child must grow up and develop each year.

So, Bike? No Bike? Help please….other mothers needed in this decision and if it is a yes – what size, style? One with wheels and handle bars, yes I know, but is there like a Toddler Bike?! (God, I need a lesson in Bikes for Toddlers).

Ta! x



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