So, this is the month where it all happens – it’s Valentines Day, Jasper’s 4th Birthday and my 30th Birthday! I cannot quite believe I am the mother to a 4 year old; saying that, my Step Son was 12 on the 31st January. Where on earth has the time gone?

So, I wanted to think about Birthday’s and all those that we have loved and lost, and I wrote a little something for you all…

A year to remember, a year to forget,

A lifetime of love to amend and accept,

Friends and loved ones, tears of joy,

Concepts of disaster and a never ending ploy,

A household full of grief, yet a smile to brighten the day,

A way through the darkness, a moment in the grey

A life taken too quickly, yet another of first steps,

New voices and first moments to be kept,

A family of love, laughter and life,

A mother, a friend, a sister, a wife

A friend from afar, a kiss on the breeze

A never ending story with a lock but no keys.

Happy February everyone, I hope you have one full of love, laughter and happiness. Count your blessings, hug those you love a little tighter and remember time never stops, so neither should you.

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CalpolSo, today I am at home with a poorly little muffin, up all night, temperature and then comes the throwing up. Not just a little either, the whole gagging, water everywhere, liquid gunk everywhere and the need to change not only him but the sheets and bed covers too. So, then, out of the sparkles in the sky, comes the magical drug that is…Calpol. This god given bright purple liquid is able to change a child on their last legs into a hyper active little dancing machine in about 20 minutes.

If you have not heard of Calpol it is the only item you may need for the whole of the baby, toddler and child life – a simple application can in fact cure just about anything and make you question why you then did not pack the child off to nursery. However, as you know what is coming next – what must go up, must come down; and come down they do! Crashing back to earth with the crying, the laying on the floor, projectile vomiting and begging for more ‘Calpol mummy.’ This addiction has already begun and I am ashamed to say my sons relationship with Calpol well and truly cemented.

So yes, I am holding my hands up, my son….is a Calpol-o-holic and as a mother, yes, I feed his addiction when ill & watch the magic happen. God bless you Calpol, allowing me a cup of tea, cuddle and maybe even some sleep since 2011.

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