My little lady is now 5 months old and starting to get a bit frustrated due to not being able to crawl yet. She sees me get up and move and wants to come with me (yes, she is very nosey). So, along with always wanting to be carried (which is secretly love) she also likes to cuddled lots and lots. All i can say is GOD BLESS the Connecta! So, i used to try and carry her with the Baby Bjorn, but since learning more about hips and how they should ‘sit’ when being carried, i sold the Bjorn and brought a beautiful Connecta. With the help of the Ipswich Sling Library, i borrowed one (for just £5 for a month) and then brought my own.

So, what is the Connecta?

conserva2-300x300Suitable from 3.5kg up to toddlerhood, it is simple to wear and ‘connect’ together when baby is put in it. It also features an integrated sleeping hood which means Fluffy can be tucked away nicely inside when she is asleep, it also stops rain and wind affecting her and is great if you eat a sandwich (catches all the bits that fall out!). The wide base supports anatomically correct position for baby and optimum comfort for me. The buckles make them quick and easy to use on either the front or the back. I picked the beautiful Conservatory fabric and from ordering to delivery, it was really quick and pain free! Just 2 days later my lovely carrier arrived and we have used it nearly every day since. At just £62 too, its a complete bargain. 

I love baby carrying and love the closeness it brings. It allows me to feel ‘connected’ to her (get it….connected by the Connecta) and ensures i can have cuddles all the time with her being comfortable (and often she just falls asleep). Want to have a look at the other designs? Head on over to

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Shnuggle BasketI am slightly in awe of the latest product we have been asked to review, the Shunggle Basket. Think of a tradition Moses Basket and then think of the design being totally renovated for an eco-friendly and beautifully designed product, and you are closer to the Shnuggle Basket.

‘The award-winning Shnuggle Modern Moses Basket captures everything you like about traditional Moses baskets along with some improvements you’ll absolutely love.’

The Shnuggle basket is made from hypoallergenic and very easy to clean material which means it can be popped off, and into the washing machine very easily, unlike other designs of moses basket. Made from 100% pure cotton fabrics, it is perfect for delicate skins in the early days and especially with the hot weather approaching, baby can be cool and reduce irritation on the skin.

Another part I adore about the Shnuggle basket is that it is not made from any kind of wicker or palm leaves, it is made from a bigandstrongstrong molded and ventilated shell which means it is stronger, quieter and able to be completely cleaned and wiped down. It is also designed to be slightly larger than a standard basket, which is hugely handy baring in mind how little ones grow so quickly and long legs soon get annoyed by kicking the bottom of the basket.

I love the fact I can take the whole item apart and wash it – slightly OCD about cleanliness, I am excited that I can also clean the system and store it away if I need to, knowing it can be re-used or lent to a friend and I am 100% safe in the knowledge it can be cleaned throughout before use.

‘The Shnuggle basket is free of BPA and Phthalate and is manufactured with NO added chemicals, so you can be sure that your baby is in a healthy environment from day one.’

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When the basket arrived, it was securely wrapped and came with a stand to assemble. Being a little ‘rubbish’ at things like that, I actually caved and asked the hubby to help – however, I didn’t need it. We visited the youtube site and watched the instructions on how to assemble all the covers (which was already complete when it arrived, but great to know ready for washing it) and also followed the single page instructions for the stand. It took about 9-10 minutes to put the stand together (mainly as I was bossing the Mr around) but it was a simple ‘screw together’ stand. The whole item took less than 15 minutes to take the covers off, re-put them on and put the stand together – perfect!

The whole item is beautiful and ready for our little arrival. I will of course provide an update once madam has arrived and get some gorgeous photos of her in the Shnuggle, hopefully ‘Shnuggled up’ nice and tight for a good nights sleep. The Shnuggle Basket can be found online via their website for a total of just £75

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