So, I am now approaching 27 weeks pregnant and just been diagnosed with SPD in Pregnancy (sounds dodgy, more info can be found here via the NHS) Basically, it means I am walking like a very old woman who has been kicked in-between her legs (classy right!) So, the normal things are now appearing quite difficult to do – i.e. go for a wee wee and not sit down without moaning, or stand up without wincing. Anyway, I inform you of my impending doom because something so funny happened in Asda today.

Yes, I was wandering down the isles, searching for the shopping and all of a sudden I could feel my hips start to go. Grabbing onto the trolley, a little old man asked if I was okay (cue the ahhh). I replied ‘yes thank you, just a rough night.’ Now the little old man gave me a very disgusted look and walked off. Had I just told the old man I had a ‘kinky’ night without knowing? I should have explained I was pregnant and stuggling to walk? Oh well, some little old man now thinks I am a fifthy lady wandering the isles of Asda with a limp after a night of hot passion (if only that were the case!).

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone.


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Sensationail Gel Nail Kit About 18 months ago I purchased a Sensation Gel Nail Kit and I am in love. I don’t know about you, but with long days including changing Jazzy, dressing, cooking, work, driving and washing my nails never last long. Painted at night, chipped by the morning by the fairies that touch them in the night. So, I purchased my own Gel Nail kit at Asda for under £70 and it came with 2 free colours. It took about 5 mins to understand and is mega easy to use (yes, it’s blonde proof).

1) file and buff the nails to create a rough surface
2) apply the nail drying solution (dried instantly)
3) base coat – cure under the uv lamp for 1 minute (press button and wait until light goes off)
4) apply one coat of colour (just like painting your nails) & cure
5) repeat step 4
6) apply top coat & cure
7) done

Your nails are now dry completely and will last between 1-3 weeks. Mine tend to last about 2 weeks but I also do my toes and they last about 6 weeks. What’s brill is anyone can do it, it’s mega simple and takes less than 15 minutes to do both hands.

I’m slightly in love with my gel nail kit and have used it loads especially on the run up and through summer for fab toe nails. I’ve also brought more gels off eBay which means I have my own colour selection now! What’s your best beauty purchase?

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