Spuni SpoonI was lucky enough to be sent some super spoons for little Fluffy bum to try out – mainly because she eats everything in sight and I love the idea of the spoons that can enable this to happen easier and support her in learning to eat off a spoon on her own.

The spoons I have been using up to this point have just been soft based ones from the supermarket, so Spuni Spoons looked interesting (I adored the colour combinations) and fun to use. After receiving them, I gave them a good wash and immediately noticed the head was different, it was dipped and had a ‘tulip profile.’ This was designed to enable to latching instinct that a baby develops during breast and bottle feeding. I tried this myself and it allowed me to ‘suck’ the contents off the Spuni Spoon easily and without getting anymore wind involved (Fluff suffered from Colic and is quite windy, therefore I don’t want her to suck extra air in to cause any tummy upsets!)

After opening a jar (yes I am a Jar mother, shun me now) I was able to let Fluff have a hold and a good play with the spoon (some of it in her mouth) and watching how she sucked the contents off. Rather than licking, biting and generally not getting much in her mouth, she was able to suck the contents easily and quickly. I fed Fluff the rest of the jar and watched – it took a little while for her to get the hang of the sucking, but she was loving being able to do it alone AND actually get some of the food in her mouth!

After a good feeding session, I let Fluff have a good play. I loved the fact the spoon was soft and light (as she tends to hit her head with it) and also that I could then put it into the dishwasher! Yes, it is dishwasher safe as well as being free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC. Made from medical grade TPE, these Spuni Spoons look hard-wearing yet safe and light enough not to cause harm!

After doing some research I learnt that Spuni Spoons were crowd funded (I love crowd funding) – more information on them can be found here:- www.indiegogo.com/projects/spuni-a-revolutionary-first-spoon-for-infants 

I adore the colour combinations (I now want them all, all of them I tell you!) and they can be brought via the amazing Shnuggle Team here who are going to become stockists in the very near future:- www.shnuggle.com


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