Nodpod LogoFluffy bum was chosen to review the Nodpod and I cannot seem to say it without giggling. The lovely ‘Beebies Baby Store‘ sent me a beautiful pink spotty Nodpod before Fluff was born ready for when she was born. However, Fluff was born in May and until at least November, we were boiling and extra covers would not have been a good idea. Now we are in the depths of the New Year, and we are all freezing our little bits off, the Nodpod is the perfect accessory when travelling, sleeping and generally cuddling up on the sofa to watch Geordie Shore! (Please replace this with something highly intelligent like the News)

The Nodpod is superb – why? Well to start off it has little legs. Now this seems odd, but with a 7 month old they like to be able to MOVE. Wrapping her legs up is NOT an option (this is followed by screaming) so the fact I can wrap her up, and she can still move is a huge bonus for me.

Beebies LogoSecondly, it is warm, really warm, but as it is just wrapped, it will let extra warmth out so no overheating (I love this bit, I am a freak about getting too hot). Plus when you go inside you can unwrap the top (to allow extra movement and some air in but leave the legs in – so baby can stay warm but not overheat inside).

Thirdly it can be washed (and washed, and washed, and washed) because incase your delicate, beautiful baby does an absolutely exploding poo that not only clears Costa Coffee it makes you think about cutting her clothes off as washing them just seems silly, it can be washed. It can then be hung up or better (popped over a radiator) and is still as soft as the first time.

The Nodpod comes in a range of colours, I am a complete girly girl so love pink, but the purple and spotty ones are my next favourite. They come in a range of neutrals too (soft pink, white) and would make the perfect gift for mums who have everything because it is something that can be used from birth for at least the first 9 months (so a great investment piece).

The Beebies Baby Store sell all the colours and they range between £23.00 – £26.00, so actually for 9 months use, about £2.80 a month – bargain! The fact , you can use these in any situation, wrap baby (or just the legs) and it has a little head cover (okay then end up looking like a totally cute starfish) I think this product is actually quite awesome.

If you want to find out more about Nodpod, they have their own website, and you can find out more by clicking here:-

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