Okay, so I wanted to call this post something different but was very aware that I am going to be polite and not call them what they actually are. When I started blogging I wanted stuff. I didnt even care what the stuff was, but I wanted to be in that group that received ‘Stuff.’ After blogging for a few years, I now turn ‘stuff’ away unless I a) actually think I can bring the company interest b) I can use it within my every day life and c) I think it fits in with my overall lifestyle and children. So why, oh why oh why do brand tarts ask for everything all the time…and review everything from a blooming paper clip to a shopping carrier bag. You look desperate. Your reviews are pants and obvious! The best one I have read so far reviewed some nappies as ‘These were really good, they held the contents really well, were easy to put on and had good fastenings…’ REALLY? That is what they are designed for!

So, I thought I would list you my top 3 ‘pants‘ reviews just to remind people that a review should be about the item, it should be honest and it should be a reflection of your personal style. It should also be something you think you can do justice. These are some of the lines from the review (I will not publish the whole review incase someone gets upset, cries, tells on me and I am made to sit on a step or something).

1) Review of a baby song CD – ‘the CD was good…It played 6 songs as listed on the chart list…It was easy to put on repeat’ 

2) Review of baby food - ‘the pouch was yummy….my son loved eating it….it tasted like plums which is good, as it was plum flavour’ 

3) Review of a day out at a ‘child friendly’ place‘the day was great fun and designed for children…the activities were easy for adults to join in…this place would be great for children.’

I have been nice, I havent published the whole review although I am tempted to launch a ‘worst review of the month’ and publish it. As someone who works in Marketing, and a reviewer (when I can see a direct link to the product) I hope this has been interesting. Please remember, unless it’s filled with jam, no one loves a review tart. 

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  • Amy

    Haha this is quite funny..I must say I myself have been there with wanting to review small stuff, I just remember feeling so flattered that I was being offered, and felt as though I was moving up in the blogging world! I suppose we’ve all got to start somewhere (Never write rubbish reviews though!) If I get offered something ‘small’ now to review I charge an extra fee to warrant the amount of work that goes into it. I’m also aware that even if something is relatively low cost the company behind it might be massive and if I write an amazing review with fab pics the brand will share it and I’ll get extra traffic which is great!

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