So, as many of you remember, my fear of the dentist is quite huge. However, since I last posted I have an an extraction AND a bone graft done in my mouth. I know, I can hardly believe it either and both I completed when I was awake and alive and everything.

The bone graft is in preparation for an implant and now I have had a broken tooth extracted, I can now have a double implant the other side. Yes, I am brave. I feel like I need a cape, a hat, a brass band and generally a massive pat on the back for not being a complete wossy-pants and finally getting my teeth sorted.

However, this has now lead me on to believe I can achieve anything. Even things I am really scared of and terrified of. So, nothing is going to beat me anymore. I have managed to have things done in my mouth this time last year you would never have been even able to talk to me about. I honestly feel like i have changed, conquered a fear and become stronger (yes, okay I am exaggerating a bit) but is there anything you have conquered and feel like a god?

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