I am turning the ripe old age of 30 next year (and that means next year is only a day away!) and I have been thinking about the top 10 things I would like to do next year if possible. So…take a breath and lets see a bit more into my crazy mind:-

1) I would like to start personal training sessions and finally combat my issues with my body image

2) I would like to learn something new (in terms of a sport) and get the time (okay, make the time) to have this as a hobby

3) I would like to read (sit down, with a book and everything) at least 3 books next year (yes 3…that is how much non-time I actually have!) okay a bit ambitious, I am happy with a kindle and books on that (I just need a kindle now)

4) I would like to be at least 2 dress size smaller by the end of the year (very achievable)

5) I would like to take Jazzy on a Red Bus in London and have a whole weekend being a sight-seer! (I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!)

6) I would like to achieve my next career goal and hit the next goal in my salary wish

7) I would like to get the tattoo on my wrist updated with Fluffy Bum’s name and add some artwork

8) I would like to go to Ireland with the whole family (we have never been) and hopefully Amsterdam with the hubby

9) I would like to join a club (preferably a wine club) and have wine friends (happy with most alcohol clubs to be honest)

10) I would like to be able to celebrate everything with a big smile and remember life should be for living and smiling through

Do you have any goals for next year? I hope I can look back next year and have completed even 1 of these would be nice! Hey, we can all dream and why not start with achievable goals and then reach for the stars!

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