Cool baby NedI am in love. Like seriously in love. Since having Jazzy and now Fluff (aka Fleur) I have struggled to find clothes that I truly adore and the children feel like ‘them’ in. I have a couple of online stores I adore (Next, Monsoon, Gap) and I love Boden as well as Hatley and The White Company, but recently I have fallen head over heels with…wait for it…Cool Baby Ned. Yes the name is as cool as the clothes.

Yes, the name is Cool Baby Ned. The clothes are beautiful, actually edible (no, please don’t eat them) and the fabrics and style shout ‘Cool!’ They also are the epitomy of class and look amazing on (wash up really well) and are generous sizes too.

I adore their clothes, from the little skirts, tunic tops, all in one playsuits and the GORGEOUS boys t-shirts with bow tie and braces

Cool baby Ned

sewn on you would be mad not to look a little further and get lost in their page. Currently on facebook, the ordering process couldn’t be easier. Pick a style and order in your size, or pick a fabric, pick a style and size and order. The team at Cool Baby Ned are polite, funny and cannot do more to make sure you are looked after (big companies take note here).

I have purchased quite a few items and can honestly say they are going to be my ‘brand’ for life. Fluff looks stunning in her items and I cannot wait to own a full wardrobe, designed and made cool by the ‘Ned’ team. So, head on over and fall in love with each and every one of their items. But…don’t blame me if you decide you need everything!

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