My Name is Rachael, based in Suffolk, working full time in the corporate world, a wife and a mother. My page talks about the highs and lows of life, including aspects of work, fun and Jazzy Jasper born in 2011 & Fleur born May 2014! This is hard to do, and should be called ‘flipping insane work-a-holic mother with pending alcohol problem.’

If you are after a nice, calm and happy blog, stop reading now! But you never know, we might have more in common that you think; and always remember to wear good pants, you never know when you will be hit by a bus! (yes, always looking on the good side of life hey!)

Yes, I really have called my blog – Pushchair Porn. Now for those who have found this blog through similar searching terms, maybe you are in the right place, but I highly suspect you haven’t! However, for us yummy mummies (cough cough) we love pushchairs, not only to ram the back ankles of those in our way, but because you can buy some STUNNING pushchairs and here are just a few I have fallen in love with…




1. Cath Kidston
2. Cosatto
3. Quinny
4. OBaby
5. Mamas and Papas

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So, this is the month where it all happens – it’s Valentines Day, Jasper’s 4th Birthday and my 30th Birthday! I cannot quite believe I am the mother to a 4 year old; saying that, my Step Son was 12 on the 31st January. Where on earth has the time gone?

So, I wanted to think about Birthday’s and all those that we have loved and lost, and I wrote a little something for you all…

A year to remember, a year to forget,

A lifetime of love to amend and accept,

Friends and loved ones, tears of joy,

Concepts of disaster and a never ending ploy,

A household full of grief, yet a smile to brighten the day,

A way through the darkness, a moment in the grey

A life taken too quickly, yet another of first steps,

New voices and first moments to be kept,

A family of love, laughter and life,

A mother, a friend, a sister, a wife

A friend from afar, a kiss on the breeze

A never ending story with a lock but no keys.

Happy February everyone, I hope you have one full of love, laughter and happiness. Count your blessings, hug those you love a little tighter and remember time never stops, so neither should you.

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Yes, another year has passed and I am having a look back over the last (couple) of years and how much everything has changed. Apart from turning 30 (very) soon this year, there have been some big changes in my life including the birth of my lovely daughter Fluff (Fleur) and Jasper becoming even more intelligent and wonderful every day. I also learnt that twitter has changed. With an influx of complete morons unfortunately, that like to ruin lives and cause chaos. I have taken some time out, re-evaluated who I am ‘connected’ with and banned those I actually don’t want near me (in twitter land!).

I have also changed jobs – after a hellish year involving a lot of problems and battles, I am now working somewhere I really enjoy and hope to make a big difference at. I can lead teams, use my initiative and be appreciated (at last!).

I have been married 5 years this year – yes 5! I cannot quite believe how I havent killed him yet and buried him in the garden, but I would also be lonely without him!

I have been a home owner for a whole year! A whole year of being a ‘proper’ grown up, changing the look, feel and overall home has made it ‘ours’ and I know my whole little family love our home and garden.

I am turning 30…this means that when my mother said ‘you will never make it to 21 if you keep drinking like that,‘ was of course a complete lie (sorry mum!) However, I do fear that I may have pickled my liver!

My best friend got engaged (HUGE cheer here!) I am sure she won’t mind me saying that after a string of god awful boyfriends and crappy dates she found an amazing man, who is wonderful and loves her to pieces. I am excited, happy beyond belief and emotional. Emotional that she has found someone who loves her to pieces as much as I do (I do actually love her more but we will let that just sit for the moment).

So much has happened, and so much has changed. I feel older, wiser and more ‘together’ than I have for many years. I cannot wait for the coming year and the changes and happiness (okay and tears probably) that it will bring. I guess it is true what they say ‘As one door closes, another opens‘ and that ‘Life is what you make it, so smile every day, love every minute and relish every second.’

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Nodpod LogoFluffy bum was chosen to review the Nodpod and I cannot seem to say it without giggling. The lovely ‘Beebies Baby Store‘ sent me a beautiful pink spotty Nodpod before Fluff was born ready for when she was born. However, Fluff was born in May and until at least November, we were boiling and extra covers would not have been a good idea. Now we are in the depths of the New Year, and we are all freezing our little bits off, the Nodpod is the perfect accessory when travelling, sleeping and generally cuddling up on the sofa to watch Geordie Shore! (Please replace this with something highly intelligent like the News)

The Nodpod is superb – why? Well to start off it has little legs. Now this seems odd, but with a 7 month old they like to be able to MOVE. Wrapping her legs up is NOT an option (this is followed by screaming) so the fact I can wrap her up, and she can still move is a huge bonus for me.

Beebies LogoSecondly, it is warm, really warm, but as it is just wrapped, it will let extra warmth out so no overheating (I love this bit, I am a freak about getting too hot). Plus when you go inside you can unwrap the top (to allow extra movement and some air in but leave the legs in – so baby can stay warm but not overheat inside).

Thirdly it can be washed (and washed, and washed, and washed) because incase your delicate, beautiful baby does an absolutely exploding poo that not only clears Costa Coffee it makes you think about cutting her clothes off as washing them just seems silly, it can be washed. It can then be hung up or better (popped over a radiator) and is still as soft as the first time.

The Nodpod comes in a range of colours, I am a complete girly girl so love pink, but the purple and spotty ones are my next favourite. They come in a range of neutrals too (soft pink, white) and would make the perfect gift for mums who have everything because it is something that can be used from birth for at least the first 9 months (so a great investment piece).

The Beebies Baby Store sell all the colours and they range between £23.00 – £26.00, so actually for 9 months use, about £2.80 a month – bargain! The fact , you can use these in any situation, wrap baby (or just the legs) and it has a little head cover (okay then end up looking like a totally cute starfish) I think this product is actually quite awesome.

If you want to find out more about Nodpod, they have their own website, and you can find out more by clicking here:-

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Spuni SpoonI was lucky enough to be sent some super spoons for little Fluffy bum to try out – mainly because she eats everything in sight and I love the idea of the spoons that can enable this to happen easier and support her in learning to eat off a spoon on her own.

The spoons I have been using up to this point have just been soft based ones from the supermarket, so Spuni Spoons looked interesting (I adored the colour combinations) and fun to use. After receiving them, I gave them a good wash and immediately noticed the head was different, it was dipped and had a ‘tulip profile.’ This was designed to enable to latching instinct that a baby develops during breast and bottle feeding. I tried this myself and it allowed me to ‘suck’ the contents off the Spuni Spoon easily and without getting anymore wind involved (Fluff suffered from Colic and is quite windy, therefore I don’t want her to suck extra air in to cause any tummy upsets!)

After opening a jar (yes I am a Jar mother, shun me now) I was able to let Fluff have a hold and a good play with the spoon (some of it in her mouth) and watching how she sucked the contents off. Rather than licking, biting and generally not getting much in her mouth, she was able to suck the contents easily and quickly. I fed Fluff the rest of the jar and watched – it took a little while for her to get the hang of the sucking, but she was loving being able to do it alone AND actually get some of the food in her mouth!

After a good feeding session, I let Fluff have a good play. I loved the fact the spoon was soft and light (as she tends to hit her head with it) and also that I could then put it into the dishwasher! Yes, it is dishwasher safe as well as being free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC. Made from medical grade TPE, these Spuni Spoons look hard-wearing yet safe and light enough not to cause harm!

After doing some research I learnt that Spuni Spoons were crowd funded (I love crowd funding) – more information on them can be found here:- 

I adore the colour combinations (I now want them all, all of them I tell you!) and they can be brought via the amazing Shnuggle Team here who are going to become stockists in the very near future:-


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Okay, so I wanted to call this post something different but was very aware that I am going to be polite and not call them what they actually are. When I started blogging I wanted stuff. I didnt even care what the stuff was, but I wanted to be in that group that received ‘Stuff.’ After blogging for a few years, I now turn ‘stuff’ away unless I a) actually think I can bring the company interest b) I can use it within my every day life and c) I think it fits in with my overall lifestyle and children. So why, oh why oh why do brand tarts ask for everything all the time…and review everything from a blooming paper clip to a shopping carrier bag. You look desperate. Your reviews are pants and obvious! The best one I have read so far reviewed some nappies as ‘These were really good, they held the contents really well, were easy to put on and had good fastenings…’ REALLY? That is what they are designed for!

So, I thought I would list you my top 3 ‘pants‘ reviews just to remind people that a review should be about the item, it should be honest and it should be a reflection of your personal style. It should also be something you think you can do justice. These are some of the lines from the review (I will not publish the whole review incase someone gets upset, cries, tells on me and I am made to sit on a step or something).

1) Review of a baby song CD – ‘the CD was good…It played 6 songs as listed on the chart list…It was easy to put on repeat’ 

2) Review of baby food - ‘the pouch was yummy….my son loved eating it….it tasted like plums which is good, as it was plum flavour’ 

3) Review of a day out at a ‘child friendly’ place‘the day was great fun and designed for children…the activities were easy for adults to join in…this place would be great for children.’

I have been nice, I havent published the whole review although I am tempted to launch a ‘worst review of the month’ and publish it. As someone who works in Marketing, and a reviewer (when I can see a direct link to the product) I hope this has been interesting. Please remember, unless it’s filled with jam, no one loves a review tart. 

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Smootch_Case_Purple_Clipped__58026.1417165875.450.500I was a good girl for Christmas (stop laughing) and was sent a phone case by the lovely team at Smootch (yes awesome name) to review. I am not that much of a tech geek however, this phone case has provided some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ even from me!

The Tactus Smootch is a phone skin and case to protect your phone whilst also being able to be ‘stuck’ to items like glass and mirrors (I tried other things…let’s just say I am better at catching than I originally thought). At just £9.99 the case is beautiful and looks a bit like a chameleon skin on the back. The case has mini micro-suction technology which means you can actually stick it to glass and mirrors, walk away and it stays there (hence the ‘Ooohs’ from everyone watching at this point). It leaves no marks or residue and really works! Simple to fit and cheap to say the least, the Smootch should be on the list for any tech savy individual.

The next part I loved was the colours. Yes, this may be a silly thing, but I am huge on colours and as my phone is an extension of me, I cannot be seen with something awful and cheap looking. I love the fact it comes in a huge range of colours and whilst I was given the purple, I am deeply in love with the pink, orange and bright green! (see what I did there)

The phone case is also pretty strong (after trying to stick it to things, I may have dropped my phone Phone Caseonce or twice) so it is not just a gadget but a hard, protective gadget too! I can see this being great for selfies, a general ‘look how cool this is‘ in the pub and also for facetiming (which we do a lot in this house to Nanny!).  Available for the  iPhone 5/5s and as a protective case for the iPhone 6 at just £9.99 you can get one from most stores including the fab Argos.

Go on….have a go and see how many people are in LOVE with your funky gadget by the end of the day!

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I am turning the ripe old age of 30 next year (and that means next year is only a day away!) and I have been thinking about the top 10 things I would like to do next year if possible. So…take a breath and lets see a bit more into my crazy mind:-

1) I would like to start personal training sessions and finally combat my issues with my body image

2) I would like to learn something new (in terms of a sport) and get the time (okay, make the time) to have this as a hobby

3) I would like to read (sit down, with a book and everything) at least 3 books next year (yes 3…that is how much non-time I actually have!) okay a bit ambitious, I am happy with a kindle and books on that (I just need a kindle now)

4) I would like to be at least 2 dress size smaller by the end of the year (very achievable)

5) I would like to take Jazzy on a Red Bus in London and have a whole weekend being a sight-seer! (I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!)

6) I would like to achieve my next career goal and hit the next goal in my salary wish

7) I would like to get the tattoo on my wrist updated with Fluffy Bum’s name and add some artwork

8) I would like to go to Ireland with the whole family (we have never been) and hopefully Amsterdam with the hubby

9) I would like to join a club (preferably a wine club) and have wine friends (happy with most alcohol clubs to be honest)

10) I would like to be able to celebrate everything with a big smile and remember life should be for living and smiling through

Do you have any goals for next year? I hope I can look back next year and have completed even 1 of these would be nice! Hey, we can all dream and why not start with achievable goals and then reach for the stars!

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Cool baby NedI am in love. Like seriously in love. Since having Jazzy and now Fluff (aka Fleur) I have struggled to find clothes that I truly adore and the children feel like ‘them’ in. I have a couple of online stores I adore (Next, Monsoon, Gap) and I love Boden as well as Hatley and The White Company, but recently I have fallen head over heels with…wait for it…Cool Baby Ned. Yes the name is as cool as the clothes.

Yes, the name is Cool Baby Ned. The clothes are beautiful, actually edible (no, please don’t eat them) and the fabrics and style shout ‘Cool!’ They also are the epitomy of class and look amazing on (wash up really well) and are generous sizes too.

I adore their clothes, from the little skirts, tunic tops, all in one playsuits and the GORGEOUS boys t-shirts with bow tie and braces

Cool baby Ned

sewn on you would be mad not to look a little further and get lost in their page. Currently on facebook, the ordering process couldn’t be easier. Pick a style and order in your size, or pick a fabric, pick a style and size and order. The team at Cool Baby Ned are polite, funny and cannot do more to make sure you are looked after (big companies take note here).

I have purchased quite a few items and can honestly say they are going to be my ‘brand’ for life. Fluff looks stunning in her items and I cannot wait to own a full wardrobe, designed and made cool by the ‘Ned’ team. So, head on over and fall in love with each and every one of their items. But…don’t blame me if you decide you need everything!

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So, as many of you remember, my fear of the dentist is quite huge. However, since I last posted I have an an extraction AND a bone graft done in my mouth. I know, I can hardly believe it either and both I completed when I was awake and alive and everything.

The bone graft is in preparation for an implant and now I have had a broken tooth extracted, I can now have a double implant the other side. Yes, I am brave. I feel like I need a cape, a hat, a brass band and generally a massive pat on the back for not being a complete wossy-pants and finally getting my teeth sorted.

However, this has now lead me on to believe I can achieve anything. Even things I am really scared of and terrified of. So, nothing is going to beat me anymore. I have managed to have things done in my mouth this time last year you would never have been even able to talk to me about. I honestly feel like i have changed, conquered a fear and become stronger (yes, okay I am exaggerating a bit) but is there anything you have conquered and feel like a god?

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